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Known by clients for its non-judgmental approach and friendly treatment options, Honeychurch Medical Center is Titusville’s top Opioid Addiction Treatment Group. Whether you or someone you know is struggling with an Opioid Addiction, Dr. Clodfelter and the team is here to help you start the recovery process. Our therapists will cover the benefits of the whole patient approach, combining behavioral counseling with medication assisted treatments (MAT), often Suboxone, to help patients manage withdrawal symptoms and reduce cravings. Contact the Honeychurch Medical Center to start your recovery process.

  • The Powerful Benefits of Suboxone
  • The 12 Step Program and Why It Works
  • Opioids vs. Narcotics: Is There a Difference?

Feel free to call Dr. Clodfelter and Titusville’s leading Opioid Addiction Treatment Center at 321-978-6611 or schedule your appointment online. The Honeychurch Medical Center is conveniently located at 1928 Dairy Rd. West Melbourne, FL 32904.

Addiction In Titusville

With an influx of economic development in the Space and Hospitality sectors, Titusville continues to see an influx of homes, jobs, and new families. These developments bring about increased governmental spending resulting in exciting improvements that include parks, trails, and marina access.

But ask a local what Titusville and Brevard county ranks top for, and they’ll probably be are unaware that Brevard county ranks third for Opioid overdoses in the state of Florida. The Opioid addiction has become more dangerous, as law enforcement cracked down on prescribed drugs, forcing users to stronger drugs such as Fentanyl.

Families and friends in Titusville are being torn apart by the challenges of Opioid addiction. Honeychurch Medical Center was designed to provide a discrete recovery process for the residents of Titusville. If you or a friend are struggling with Opioid addiction in Brevard County, we hope you’ll take the time to reach out for assistance.

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Dr. C. Clodfelter

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As the top Opioid Addiction Therapist, Dr. Clodfelter is your expert on the addiction recovery process, the pros and cons of a medically assisted treatment, as well as your guide to recovery. Schedule your appointment today.